Lisa A. Koosis

Books for teens

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About Me

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lisa, and I write short stories and novels for both adults and teens. I tend to write everything from contemporary through to horror, and my debut young adult novel, RESURRECTING SUNSHINE (AW Teen/October 2016) is near-future science fiction with a contemporary feel. My short stories have been published in a bunch of magazines and anthologies, and even a podcast once (which was pretty damn cool). You can find links to many of them on my site, and a lot are free to read online.

One of my favorite things to do is to interact with other writers. I’m a member of the
SCBWI, the Sweet Sixteens, an ambassador for National Novel Writing Month (also a NaNoWriMo addict; I’ve participated for the last 13 consecutive years) and an active member of my vibrant local writing community. I’m hopelessly addicted to writing contests (it’s even how I found my amazing agent), and now that my debut novel is soon to be released, I’ve made the jump to the flipside, mentoring and judging in several contests over the last few years.

I am an animal lover, an insatiable reader, and have a penchant for crazy accessories (if it has feathers or fringe, or if it jingles and jangles, send it my way). And although I will forever consider myself a Long Islander (give me the ocean over the mountains any day!) I currently live in New York’s historic Hudson Valley with my family, both two- and four-legged.